E.G.I.'s product lines have been designed to give the user a faster, easier, safer and more economical way of installing vertical uprights without the hassle and mess of digging holes, mixing and pouring concrete.

Industrial Steel Auger

The Skru-Tyte™ Industrial Anchoring System is a revolutionary way to install vertical uprights.  Made from 1020 steel and galvanized for longevity, the auger delivers superior quality, performance and ease of installation.  With no need to dig a hole and mix concrete to install it, the auger provides speed, safety and reduced labor. 

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QWKE Deluxe Aluminum Auger

The QWKE Deluxe Aluminum Anchoring Solution takes the place of digging holes and mixing concrete for home and recreational applications such as tie downs for camping tents, soccer goal tie downs, baseball base anchors and vinyl fencing for multiple league baseball field fencing.

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QWKE Deluxe
Nylon Auger

The QWKE Deluxe Nylon Anchoring Solution is ideal for home and recreational activities in sandy soils.  The auger is made from Polypropypene/nylon., suiablte for home applications such as bird houses, mailboxes, small flag pole applications, beach umbrellas, home ground lighting and decorative fencing.

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