QWKE Deluxe Nylon Anchoring solution

E.G.I. offers the QWKE Deluxe Nylon Anchoring Solution for home and recreational activities in dense soils.  The auger is Polypropypene/nylon.  The augers overall length is 16 inches in length and soil penetration is 14 inches.  The auger accepts vertical uprights from 1-1/4 inches to 2 inches.

The auger takes the place of digging holes and mixing concrete for home applications such as bird houses, mailboxes, small flag pole applications, Beach Umbrellas, home ground lighting and decorative fencing such as pool and garden fences to name a few.

Recreational activities include tie downs for camping tents, soccer goal tie downs, baseball base anchors and vinyl fencing for multiple league baseball field fencing as examples.

NOTE: Vertical upright mounted items should not exceed a total combined weight of 30 lbs.

See the QWK Nylon anchor in action: