E.G.I. is a family-owned and operated business that is an innovative, creative designer and provider of products and services that offers unparalleled quality, service and value.

E.G.I. has conducted extensive research into multiple industries and applications which require the digging of holes and the use of concrete, and has identified a significant opportunity to improve effiency and reduce operational costs by eliminating the need of digging holes and using concrete while offering stronger and longer lasting installations with the use of the Skru-Tyte™ Industrial Steel and QWKE Anchoring Solutions.

The commercial industries include, but are not limited to, Ground Solar Panel Installations, Residential Wind Turbine Installations, Tilt-Wall Construction and Highway and City signage applications.  Residential applications include flag pole installations, fencing, ground satellite installations, ham radio tower installations and shade sail installations to name a few.

E.G.I. products, patented in the United States and Canada, are reusable in-ground Auger/Anchors that are durable, precision designed and provide labor saving costs for installations.