Qwke TM Anchoring Solutions is a screw-in auger base designed to receive virtually any vertical upright and secure it easier, safer and stronger than if you dug a hole and put concrete around the pole. This soil compression earth auger base is designed to be the job of one man at a fraction of the typical time for installation. It avoids labor injuries, materials, even job site cleanup.


Qwke TM Anchoring Solutions

Enfenetee Group Inc. offers the most revolutionary method of vertical upright installation imaginable. Vertical uprights such as fence poles, sign post, flag poles, are typically installed by first digging a hole, mixing some concrete, putting the pole in the hole and then pouring the concrete in to let it set.

We’ve eliminated digging the hole.

A few examples of applications:

Flag pole Light pole recreational equipment

Fence pole Bird house pole tent poles

Sign pole agricultural fencing clothes line poles

Mailbox standards temporary fencing

This is a general overview of possible markets. This product is especially beneficial in areas where frost factor is an issue. With no concrete to crack and stronger in the ground initially, this auger base is perfect in northern regions as the base for uprights typically stabilized by concrete installation.

Think also with temporary applications, this base can be unscrewed out of the ground to be reinserted repeatedly without damage to the base or vertical upright.

Distributorships are being structured and end users being encouraged to get their orders acknowledged as soon as possible. Distributorships must be able to establish initial quantities to qualify and approximately 45 days is estimated for processing applications.

This product is patented in the U.S. and Canada. For information, please contact us at our email address:

j.p@enfenetee.com or h.p@enfenetee.com

or mail at :
Qwke Anchoring Solutions

c/o Enfenetee Group, Inc.

2420 Tarpley Rd.. Ste 201

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