Nylon Auger

Plastic Augur Polypropylene/nylon. 100% recyclable. OA length 16 inches. Penetration depth approximately 14 inches. Fits poles from 1-1/4” to 2”.

Enfenetee Group Inc. offers the most revolutionary method of installing a post or pole without digging a hole or driving a stake. Vertical uprights such as fence, sign and flag poles, are typically installed by first digging a hole, mixing some concrete, putting the pole in the hole and then pouring the concrete and wait for it to set.

We’ve eliminated digging the hole.

QWKeTM Anchoring Solutions is a “screw type” earth auger base designed to receive virtually any vertical upright and secure it easier, safer and stronger than if you dug a hole and put concrete around the pole. This auger base is designed to be a one man job, at a fraction of the typical time for installation. It avoids labor injuries, materials, even job site cleanup.

Installation tools are a half (1/2) inch socket extension and socket wrench or 18v drill with 1/2 inch drive extension adapter, Rotate the auger in a clockwise manner. Once the auger is in deep enough to support your upright, select the proper collect set for secure fit around post/pole. Insert the upright and tighten the retaining cap.

This product is not warranted against any other use than as a cosmetic anchoring device for uprights not to exceed a total vertical weight of 30 pounds including the pole and the item to be mounted.

Vertical upright mounted items should not exceed total combined weight of 30 pounds. Any insecurely mounted items on a post/pole are at risk of falling and causing possible harm or fatality.

  • Fencing
  • Bird House Poles
  • Signs
  • Tents
  • Farm & Ranch
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Flag, Light Poles
  • Inflatable
  • Patio Decking
  • Standards (banners, etc)
  • Umbrellas
  • Mailboxes