Industrial Auger

Skru-Tyte TM Earth Auger Mounting Systems is a revolutionary way to install vertical uprights for such things as fence posts and poles, mailbox poles, flag poles, bird house poles and a multitude of similar applications.


Made from 1020 steel and zinc coated for longevity, this product promises to deliver superior quality, performance and ease of installation. With no need to dig a hole and mix concrete to install it offer speed, safety and reduced labor. Additionally is provides both temporary as well as permanent installation configuration.
Primarily designed for a wide range of soil types, it is least appropriate for installation in solid rock or ice. This product is not adversely affected by temperature. Simply screw it into the ground and the hollow base accepts the pole.

Not only is this designed to be installed vertically in the ground but also for horizontally in an embankment or shoreline.
Private testing has revealed superior in-ground stability to similar concepts. The conical shape of the fuselage provides “soil packing” when penetrating the soil, compressing the soil tighter and firmer. The screw flightings reduce soil disruption and self penetrating features that provide stronger lateral load support. Grip-grab testing evidenced superior holding strength from 4,000 to over 15,000 lbs in respective soil densities.

The collet collar and cap offer compression type holding power for any configuration of post or pole. It tightens against round or square tubing and from any composite material, metal, wood or vinyl. As shown the auger receives pole dimensions from 2 ½ to 1 5/8 inch, with task specific adapter collet sets available
Skru-Tyte comes complete with auger fuselage, compression ring collet, cap and insertion adapter.

Installation tools are ¾ drive extension and ratchet. The auger can also be installed with power tools such as impact guns, hammer drills, auger drills or small power tractors.

Faster, safer, easier, cost effective and quality assured are among the features Skru-Tyte TM Earth Auger Mounting Systems offers for vertical upright installation of the” here and now” and the future.