QWKE™ Anchoring Solutions is a screw-in auger base designed to receive virtually any vertical upright and secure it easier, safer and stronger than digging a hole and pouring concrete around the pole. The auger base is designed to be a one-man installation process in a fraction of the time. It avoids labor injuries, materials, even job site cleanup. Imagine being able to install fence posts in a matter of minutes rather than in hours or days. A few examples of applications are flag-poles, fence poles, sign poles, light poles, bird house pole, sport fencing, mailboxes, and tent poles. These are just a few of the appreciable markets. This product is especially beneficial in areas where frost factor is an issue. With no concrete to crack and stronger in the ground, this auger base is perfectly suited for northern regions where uprights can’t typically be stabilized by concrete.

Think also of temporary fencing, this base can be unscrewed out of the ground to be reinserted repeatedly without damage to the base or vertical upright. No more mushroomed or flared ends to cut. The same is true in agriculture where realignment of pasture areas is appreciable to reconfigure grazing.

Distributorships are our primary emphasis. We will only offer this product to distributorships. First delivery dates to our distributors are due July, 2004. To qualify for a distributorship, a company must be able to establish initial quantities and maintain inventory. Estimated time of processing applications is approximately 45 days. This product is patented in the U.S. and pending elsewhere.

Plastic version:

Overall length is approximately 13 inches underground. The inside dimension is 2 inches accommodating vertical uprights no larger than 2 inches and capable of supporting cylindrical uprights as small as 1 1/4 inch. Intended for uses such as pvc mounted flag poles, mail boxes, sports fencing, golf course field markers, real estate type signs, tiki lanterns, baseball base anchoring, volley ball net poles, tee ball batting poles, field markers for soccer, lacrosse, and such.

Aluminum version:

Overall length is approximately 11 inches underground. The inside dimension of the anchor accommodates vertical upright ranging from 2 inches in diameter to approximately 1 1/4 inches. Intended use for signage, mail boxes, flag poles (metal/pvc), camping equipments (tents, cooking equipment, boat mooring, baseball base anchoring devices, real estate type signage, banner poles, field marker equipments, and such.

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