1. What are the dimensions of the poles these augers will receive?

2. What keeps this auger from going in the ground crooked?

3. What is the tallest upright will this base take and not fall over?

4. How much load will this auger base support?

5. Are there any code restrictions associated with this auger or can you use it anywhere?

6. Are there any engineering specifications published for this product?

7. What if the soil is very rocky. Will this auger penetrate rocky soil? If not, what should a person do in this situation?

8. Will the auger hold strong in sandy soil?

9. Is Horizontal “cross tensioning” an application for this auger design?

10. Is “angle tensioning” of uprights an application for this product?

11. Is there a formula that a person can use to determine if their application is absolutely perfectly mounted in a manor as to avoid any possible problems?

12. Can an auger be used for both permanent and temporary installation of vertical uprights?

13. Can a person get specially sized augers made for a special application?

14. What if someone has an application that isn’t specifically addressed with either an adapter or a suggested remedy?

15. Can a square or rectangular upright be installed in this auger?

16. Is the auger waterproof?

17. Has a test been performed on the aluminum auger for oxidation and electrolysis?

18. How many times can the plastic auger be installed and removed?

19. How many times can the aluminum auger be installed and removed?

20. Why are hammer drills and impact guns excluded from acceptable installation tools?

21. Can the plastic auger base be used in soil that might be hotter in temperature, perhaps around a campfire?

22. How much torque is required to install the auger base?

23.Is the auger designed for only certain types of poles?

24. Can the auger be cemented in after installation?

25. During installation, what if the auger were to hit a sprinkler line, gas pipe or any electricity lines?

26. Will the plastic or aluminum auger drill through to penetrate asphalt, concrete or ground that is frozen?

27. What safety precautions are required for installing this auger system?

28. Will there be a way to ask questions, should someone need help with their project?

29. Can a customer get an exchange for merchandise for a defective product?

30. Can the auger be affected by wind sheer?

31. Is the auger base designed to be used for climbing?

32. Could a larger pole diameter be installed over the outside of the auger base and be as secure?

33. Is this product under patented or patent pending in any other countries beside the United States?

34. What is the best soil to use this auger base in?

35. Can this auger base be installed and expected to hold securely under water?

36. What if the plastic auger square drive distorts because someone used a defective socket drive extension and they need to remove the auger base?

37. Will the plastic auger get brittle if let in the sun too long?

38. Can the aluminum auger base be used to secure a ground element for electrical grounding or lightening ground deterrent?

39. Will the adapters for the aluminum auger and the plastic auger interchange?

40. How much pressure would it take to pull the auger out of the ground?

41. What makes this auger different from other auger systems?

42. Why is using an auger base more effective than digging the hole and mixing concrete method of installing a vertical upright?

43. Can auger bases be used to launch fireworks?

44. What is the best way to store plastic auger bases when they are not installed in the ground?

45. Can aluminum and plastic accessories be mixed, combined and matched for different applications?

46. Will galvanized poles installed in aluminum auger bases oxidize and become as if welded after a period of time?

47. If the plastic auger is installed in ground that is susceptible to frost, will the auger base rupture during the freeze?

48. Will an auger base work in quick sand?

49. What kind of studies have been made regarding auger bases?

50. Will the steel version of the auger base be available to the public user in the near future?

51. How much torque is required to install the fence post version?

52. How about using the aluminum version for fencing?

53. Can the augers be used for vinyl fencing?

54. If the auger base concept is such a good idea, why should its uses be limited?

55. What if someone installs a pole that fills up with water? What would be suggested for draining the pole of water?

56. Would it be alright to mount a light and run electricity inside the pole mounted in an auger base, up to the light?

57. Is the auger base expected to be waterproof?

58. Why is the auger base mostly hollow?

59. If someone wanted the auger base more waterproof, could they install their vertical upright and use silicone to fill the void around the pole?

60. Are the compression fittings deigned to not allow the pole to be pulled out of the auger base?

61. How do I know this product will work?

62. How much dead weight torque will the ground Tension Anchor withstand?

63. What has the Tension Anchor been tested to apply to?

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